A downloadable game for Windows

Find a way off your spaceship. your spacesuit is damaged and is leaking pressure, find pockets of pressure and fend off the invaders!


Move- WASD

Aim: Mouse

Use Item/Shoot : Mouse Click

Change item: scroll wheel or num 1-4 or click item

pickup: click on item while on a blank inventory slot

Drop item: Ctrl

Turn on/ off power or pressure: Shift + click


5 Weapons

Mechanical tools(Brown) Repair broken/ sparking tiles

Electrical tools(Red) Add/Remove wire to the ground

Portable generator: Add power to wires

Portable Pressure: Start spawning Air if on powered wires

Shield: give 10 extra HP when used

Greg Nye: Programmer

Raghav : 3D Art Design

Lucius Wooding: 2D art

Brent T: Sound Design


NoPressureV0.3.zip 22 MB
NoPressureV0.4.zip 24 MB