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Goal of the game is collect 10 of 5 different items Art, Dresses, Gems, Jewelry, and gold coins by trading with the local towns. Try to take the less traveled road. it will lead to better deals!


How To play, click your blue wagons and move them by clicking where you want them to go. you can deselect them by right clicking. to end your turn hit the enter key. Move your units onto a town to start trading. Click on one of your items to offer it and one of the items in the towns supply. you will see an offer on the green trade button. You will get better rates if the town 1: wants the item 2: wants above a threshold as shown in the bottom two rows of the town and 3: they have above a threshold of the item you are asking for.

Credit for art I did not make myself:

Several GUI elements and Cover Art: 


Cart GUI


Many of the Item sprites:


Medieval Strategy Sprite Pack!! - For my background tiles.



MerchantsGuildBugFix.zip 13 MB

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